5 Las Vegas Local Events You Will Want To Experience In 2023

We automatically think of gambling, parties, and million-lightbulb signs when we hear Las Vegas. Besides the bright lights here and there, the hotels, and the casinos, lies a city with more venues and events than you can imagine.

Here are a few events you will love for different reasons!

1) Las Vegas Story Slam

This event is a must when coming to Las Vegas for how interesting it gets! People from all around the country and beyond gather and tell a story. Pretty simple thus far, right?

The rules to participate are: It has to be a true story that had happened to the person telling it, and there's a 5 minutes time limit to enthrall the audience.

The Story Slam is celebrated monthly, having a different theme every time. From "On the other hand" to "you won't believe it" and even "Tragically funny," these stories will make any attendee have the time of their life as they jump from one narration to the other.

You can check info about dates and prices on their Facebook page @lvstoryslam

2) Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

That's right! We are talking about the biggest rockabilly event in the world, and it's not only the greatest but the longest, having celebrated 22 festivals to date.

Among the many attractions of this event, you can find The Rock n Roll Stars shows and The Stars of Rockabilly, in which the attendees will be delighted with famous musical numbers from the fifties.

This event offers the chance to compete in different disciplines: Burlesque, dance, swimsuit contest, pin-up, bowling, and more!

Nonetheless, suppose you are looking just to enjoy the show and be entertained. There are multiple events including classic show presentations, several bands, DJs, fashion shows, pool parties, and more attractions that guarantee you will have the time of your life.

Check the website for info about the event and tickets for the next Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend event.

3) The Las Vegas Book Festival

Any book fan will have the time of their lives in this event. Interesting readings, expert speakers, and of course, competition!

The Las Vegas Book Festival awards all types of expression, from written and spoken word to even illustrated. People of all ages gather to exhibit their work and listen to renowned authors. If you are a bookworm like us! Or simply enjoy the fascinating art of writing; this is an event you cannot miss.

High school students can compete in its poetry contest and win from $100 to $300. They only have to present 3 poems from their own authorship.

The panel, comprised of teachers and other authors, and other community members, will decide who the winners of the contest are. All participants get to read their first poem to the panel, yet only 6 get to read their second one; finally, only 3 finalists will read their third and final one.

The next Last Vegas Book Festival event will be held on Saturday, October 22rd, 2022. For info about the event, check the Viva Las Vegas website.

4) The Great American Foodie Fest In Las Vegas.

Who doesn’t love music and food? 50% food festival, 50% concert, and 100% delicious food. If you like this combination, this event is made for you.

This fantastic festival gathers more than 50 of the best food truck vendors in one single place for people to enjoy 4 whole days of gastronomic paradise.

Regardless of your preferences, you will undoubtedly find something for you from the wide variety of options. On top of it, there are several attractions such as Ferris wheels, plenty of games, and live performances to accompany your excellent meal.

To know when the next event will be held, visit the Great American Foodie Fest website.

5) Monster Jam World Finals.

If the title was not alluring enough, the Monster Jam World Finals is definitely an event you want to experience at least once.

32 monster trucks competing in a circuit driven by the most skilled drivers, evading obstacles, making sharp bends, and even crashing at high speed.  Get ready for 3 days of pure adrenaline.

This is a great family event where you can enjoy a Pit Party before the races start and eat a fantastic BBQ.

To know more details about the next event, visit the Monster Jam website.

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