5 Benefits Of The 'Social Booth LV' Over A Photographer.

Many people swear over hiring professional photographers for their events due to the high quality of pictures you get at the end but depending on what the focus of your event is, you might want to consider using a photo booth instead. Here are some reasons why.

1) It Makes For More Interesting Photos.

Professional photographers will make sure your photos come out as good as they can, but most of the time, images will end up looking the same.

Photo booths have a different air, making people want to goof around more, especially if you've given your guests props to make their photos unique and fun.

When people are having fun at a party or event, it's more likely they won't feel shy in front of a photo booth than a professional photographer. The pics will be more casual, with no one looking while making silly faces with their friends.

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2) Photo Booths Can Be An Experience.

Photo booths used to be really popular but fell off the map due to a combination of more advanced camera technology coming to smartphones and the prevalence of freelance photography.

Nowadays, having a photo booth will make your event stand out and get people talking about it. Especially if you lean into it and make sure guests know there will be one available! There are so many fun ways to capture an excellent experience for your guest!

See: balloon garlands, green screen, floral walls, scrapbooks, etc.

3) Guests Always Get A Takeaway!

When you work with a professional photographer, the images will be digital. You have to upload them to social media and tag everyone, and they might not even know if they like how they look in the pictures by then.

When you use a photo booth, the photos are printed, letting guests see them right away and taking them home afterward to be kept as nice mementos of a great party!

Our photo booths have online features that allow your guests to upload and share their pics to social media straight from the photo booth. They get to decide if they want them all over their social media or if they’d rather keep the prints private. They can choose!

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4) They Are Great For Themed Parties!

Costumes and theme parties benefit from a photo booth greatly. Everyone is already in costume and has the perfect mindset to make a fool of themselves in many hilarious pictures with their friends.

It also means that every set of pictures will be different, and people will want to show their friends how theirs came out, making them want to try it themselves!

We have experience with themed parties for Halloween, New Year's Eve, birthdays, baby showers, and more!

Instagram albums.

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5) They Are Just Straight-Up Fun!

Professional photographers are, well... professional. So, even if the event is meant to be fun, they will usually take their job just as seriously as any other gig.

Photo booths not only double as a photo opportunity for your party but also as a fun, casual activity for your guests to get involved with and mess around at your event.

You can always count on a Photo Booth to make your event fun and engaging for all your guests. They will have a great time a physical proof of it! Maybe a photo, a GIF, or a video to remember the event.

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